Join our Provider-Owned Medical Group

Your voice is the one patients trust.
We make sure they can hear you.

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Join our Provider-Owned Medical Group

Your voice is the one patients trust.
We make sure they can hear you.

How it Works

You’ve spent your life building value for your community. Meroka lets you reap the rewards from your efforts without changing the way you deliver care.

Partnership: Join Meroka’s Provider Group

  • Receive liquidity
  • Improve practice operation with our MSO
  • Reward and motivate your staff
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Build leadership

  • We'll help you attract and onboard your successor
  • Mentor and grow them as your protégé
  • Maintain high-quality care for patients and staff

Retire on your own terms

  • Liquidate your remaining ownership
  • Enable your practice to outlive you
  • Preserve the legacy of what you’ve built
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The Benefits of Meroka’s Partnership

By becoming a Meroka partner, you will:

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Compete against corporate healthcare conglomerates and non-healthcare companies that are increasingly invading the medical arena.

Take Home More

Take home more from the sale of your practice and set yourself up for a smooth transition to retirement.

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Cultivate tangible prosperity within your practice, guaranteeing your business can continue contributing to the community you and your patients love.

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Gain access to a network of like-minded physicians who, together, wield significant negotiating power and are committed to a knowledge sharing culture that will improve patient care throughout the country.

We acquire practices with an ESOP

  • An Employee Share Ownership Plan (‘ESOP’) is a retirement benefit plan granted to employees to build wealth in the company they work for

  • ESOPs are commonly used as a vehicle for internal transition of a business

  • There are 6,000 ESOP-owned companies in the U.S

ESOPs are superior buyers across all dimensions

Better for Seller

Upfront liquidity

No capital gains tax

Interest income stream

Seller’s Warrants


Sellers can unlock up to 150% of the FMV of their practice by selling to an ESOP

Better for Practice

No corporate tax

No 3rd party buyer

Shares for future providers

Higher productivity


Practices increase earnings by 20%  leveraging corporate tax shelters

Better for Provider

Hold real equity

Diversification of wealth


Fiduciary rights


The NCEO estimates that shareholders of an ESOP have double the retirement savings of the standard population

Learn more about how Meroka can help you achieve this

We understand the complexities and demands of owning a practice. Join us in our mission to renew the power of independent private practices, empower physicians, elevate patient care, and shape the future of healthcare.