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Here's what physicians across the country say they need:

Of physicians cite lack of autonomy and administrative burden as their biggest cause of burnout


Turnover of employees in health care due to insufficient compensation, heavy workloads and long hours


How much hospital systems are getting reimbursed more for providing the exact same service, compared to independent physicians


Average increase in total operating cost of a physician owned practice over a 5 year period

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The problem

Every month, 1,500 physicians leave independent practice due to burnout, staff shortages, and administrative burden.

Meroka’s MSO is structured to address your challenges

Our technology can help solve that problem. It improves your bottom line by:


Your Payor Contracts

We help you know where you’re at and where you can improve


Adherence & Administration

We help you operationalize your contract adherence so you maximize your collections


CPT Reimbursements

We help you understand where you have leverage and how to obtain it


Incentives with Payors

We help you manage to payors quality expectations and become a preferred provider


Scale Reduces your Costs

Group purchasing on IT infrastructure, drugs, supplies and insurance

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Get Better Tools

Revenue Cycle Management, EMR, PMS, Credentialing and more

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Your Footprint

Get access to telehealth services to see more patients and cover more needs

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Your Revenue Base

Credential yourself with more payors, talk directly to employers in your region and launch cash services to grow your practice

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Your Fellow Providers

Help other providers in the Meroka network by leveraging your successes and getting support for your shortcomings. We win together.

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